About TestbedSweden.se

Testbeds are vital components of the innovation ecosystem in Sweden, Europe and globally. Testbeds gather everything from equipment and pilot machinery to policy labs and virtual and investigative environments. This is where competences, industries, problem owners and users come together to expedite the development of tomorrow’s innovations.

Testbed Sweden gathers and presents Swedish testbeds.

What is a testbed?

”A testbed is a physical or virtual environment in which companies, academic institutions and other organisations can collaborate on developing, testing and implementing new products, services, processes or organisational solutions in selected fields.”

A testbed can also be described as something that:

  • is or is made available and open to users outside of the testbed’s own organisation;

  • has a duration beyond the limits of an individual test project;

  • has an area of application that exceeds the boundaries of a single specific product, service, process or user;

  • is intended to test and develop new products, services and processes, i.e. not a fixed display object or demonstrator.

Testbeds can also be described based on their "hardware" in the form of physical infrastructure (equipment, facilities, measurement methods, localisation, etc.) and their "software" in the form of competences, organisation, range of services or business idea. A well designed testbed is one that has integrated its hardware and software in a manner that develops over time with its users.

About us

RISE is Sweden’s national research institute and we are responsible for a large proportion of the country’s testbeds, as well as the expertise affiliated with them. RISE is tasked with making testbeds more accessible, increasing the use of existing testbeds and meeting future requirements for testbeds. Through testbedsweden.se we create a channel and a network that increases knowledge of testbeds and the benefits they can provide all the way from concept to implemented and marketed innovation. We also share knowledge regarding good examples, unexpected collaborations, project design and offers.

The Test and Demo Office is a central function within RISE that manages testbedsweden.se, an important element of information and education regarding testbeds. Our goal is not simply to present available Swedish testbeds, in the future we will be disseminating information about testbeds, how to set up a successful project, what is on offer and how we can develop testbeds over time. This is the first step...