Testbed for recycling of plastics

Testbed for recycling of plastics

The use of plastics need to be more sustainable, and more plastic need to be recycled back into new products in a resource-efficient way. RISE Testbed for recycling of plastics is an arena and test facility for plastic recycling that offers both expertise and equipment for developing and testing of new methods for repurposing plastics.

RISE Testbed for plastic recycling offers support in sustainability issues, technical issues concerning polymer materials and processing, recycling, design, analysis etc. We also conduct sustainability analysis as well as help out with legislation and education in these areas.

Activities within the test bed

  • Pilot projects
  • Commercial assignments
  • Innovation and demonstration projects
  • Develop competence and new services
  • Network meetings
  • Educations

Equipment to your disposal

Our test facility in Mölndal boasts a wide range of equipment. For plastics processing, upgrading and prototyping we have equipment for granulation, extrusion and compounding, pelleting and injection moulding equipment. We have well equipped test labs for material characterisation and chemical analysis, as well as for aging and long-term studies.

For anyone working with plastic

RISE Testbed for plastic recycling turn to plastic and manufacturing companies, product owners, polymer industry, recycling companies, authorities and other stakeholders.


The Testbed for plastic recycling is partly financed by Västra Götalandsregionen.


Testbed name

Test bed for recycling of plastics

Testbed category

Laboratory testbeds (LT)


Manufacturing, Materials


Västra Götalandsregionen

Visiting address

Argongatan 30
431 53 Mölndal




Contact person

Annika Boss


  +46 10 228 48 15

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