Testbed for small scale wastewater treatment

Testbed for small scale wastewater treatment

Nationally unique, as the plant is connected to one of the few sewers with a separate stream of toilet water (black water). This allows us to mix and adapt wastewater to customer needs. Our test bed is partially underground, which makes it possible to test under realistic conditions.


The test beds outside Bälinge, just north of  Uppsala, were initially built for accredited testing of prefabricated on-site wastewater plants. Due to lack of legislation that speeds upgrading of individual on site wastewater treatment plants up, the market for testing has not developed as expected. We have therefore ended the accreditation until further notice and changed our focus on the activities of research and development projects, pure customer-based product development and independent third part testing of wastewater treatment technology. One unique aspect of the test site, is that we can "customize" the strength of wastewater by mixing incoming blackwater with common sewage. We can also ensure a very even wastewater quality over time. The plant consists of 4 separate test sites that have been built under ground to maintain ground temperature. The roof is slideable to allow for larger objects to be placed inside the test bed.


Testbed name

Testbed for small scale wastewater treatment



Testbed category

Isolated testbeds (IT)


Energy and Clean Tech




Region Uppsala


Contact person

Maja Englund


  +46 10 516 69 30

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